Ready to Use Cattle Bedding


Sublime is a complete ready-to-use high dry matter limed sawdust based product that maintains a healthy bed for cattle. It is highly absorbent, suitable for use in
mechanical dispensers and helps to keep cows cleaner and drier

The Product

Product Development

Sublime is an innovative formulation of lime and graded sawdust.

Research based, the product has undergone 2 years of on-farm development to determine the optimum material selection, formulation and production technique.

High DM Limed Sawdust *

  • Helps maintain a healthy environment
  • Highly absorbent
  • Suitable for use in mechanical dispensers
  • Helps to keep cows cleaner and drier

*Sawdust Dry Matter 85% min

Guide For Use

For best results:

Storage: Store in a dry place under cover.

Application: For best results use daily, removing soiling prior to application.

Protection: Wear a dust mask and goggles.

Available Sizes

Sublime is available in the following forms

  • easy to handle 20kg bags
  • bulk bags for delivery.

The 20kg bags are available throughout the country in many farm supplies stores.