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Whether it’s livestock and poultry bedding, biomass fuel or cat litter, our product range has a variety of options to suit your business. All of our timber-based products are sourced from sustainably managed forests, helping us strive for a more sustainable future.

Animal Bedding

Our wood shavings and sawdust offer bedding options for the dairy, equine and poultry industries; prioritising comfort, hygiene and convenience to match your specific needs. Our Lime/Sawdust blend, SUBLIME has undergone considerable on-farm testing to ensure it delivers the best results when bedding cattle. Find out more about Sublime.

Biomass Fuel

Alongside our animal bedding, we also specialise in biomass wood pellets and wood chip. Our pellets are quality-assured to ENplus A1 standards to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money.

Cat Litter

The recently launched Pure Purrs brand boasts high-quality cat litter with a priority placed on longevity, durability and absorbency. As a 100% natural, wood pellet litter, this product is sustainable and fully biodegradable. Find out more.

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NI/ROI Stockists

We supply merchants and Agri-supply stores across Ireland with Sublime, Shavings, Wood Pellets and more.

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been supplying the agriculture industry with animal bedding for over 30 years.

Livestock and Poultry Bedding

Bedding options for the dairy, equine and poultry industries. From Shavings to our Lime/Sawdust blend; SUBLIME.

Sustainably Sourced Products

Our timber-based products are sourced from sustainable suppliers.

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